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Residential or SOHO applications
The wireless network we are deploying for our Residential or Small Office/Home Office applications is similar in design to the cellular wireless data network. Below outlines some of the similarities and differences between the services we offer and those of our cellular competitors.
Both Cellular and GCIB use towers or tall buidings from which signals are transmitted and received.
Both Cellular and GCIB use similar but different and incompatable wireless protocols to send and receive data between user devices and tower sites.
Both Cellular and GCIB use similar but different frequencies to provide service to their customers.
Both Cellular and GCIB use customer premise devices to share the internet connection between multiple onsite devices. 
Cellular carriers are primarily focused on mobile devices.Our network is a fixed connection between our towers and the customer premise creating a more reliable and consistent connection.
Cellular carriers are more focused on download speeds. Our network can generally exceed the published download speed of any cellular carrier but we offer much greater upload speeds. Upload speeds are very important if you are sharing large files, pictures, etc.
Cellular carriers make no distinction between a business or residential connections. Our network has the flexability to guarantee service availability to high priority customers and to allow the customer to establish Quality of Service (QoS) to their inbound and outbound traffic within our network.
Cellular carriers like to advertise "Unlimited Internet Access" but they place a lot of small print restrictions on their "unlimited" services. Cellular carriers will either start rate limiting your connection or out right cut you off after you have sent or recieved a fixed amount of data. If the carriers do not cut you off, they will charge you for going over your "unlimited" pre-set limit. Our services are more like traditional wireline services where unlimited actually means unlimited.
Satellite Carriers:
Other than both services are provided by wireless there is virtually no similarity between the services. Satellite systems are very limited in both download and upload speeds. There is a significant propagation delay with satellite providers which make it virtually impossible to use Voip, online gaming, or other applications with are time sensitive. Satellite systems use frequencies which are extremely effected by weather. Rain, snow or ice in the clouds overhead will block the signal path between your antenna and the satellite causing you to loose the connection.
Our wireless services are not effected by weather, propagation delays or speed limitations.
High Bandwidth Applications
High Bandwidth customers are supported by a direct dedicated Point to Point connection between the customer premise and our core backbone tower sites.This type of direct connection is an exact replacement for Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) provided by Fiber or Copper where such facilities are not available from the local telephone company or can be used to provide redundancy to an existing wireline connection. The amount of bandwidth is always symetrical (same bandwidth up/down) and tailored to the customers specific requirements. We can support any bandwith requirement from 10-500 Mbps.

A typical residential or business outside installation

CPE_Installations/trkcntrsmall.jpg CPE_Installations/mgasmall.jpg CPE_Installations/Residential_1.jpg CPE_Installations/lynchchevyoldssmall.jpg
CPE_Installations/kmecaksmall.jpg CPE_Installations/Johns_House_1.JPG CPE_Installations/H_Gcpe.jpg CPE_Installations/eppingsmall.jpg
CPE_Installations/atcesmall.jpg CPE_Installations/Business_2.jpg CPE_Installations/Business_1.jpg